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Covid-19 and Dental Treatment

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These are certainly difficult and uncertain times. Every facet of your lives revolves around the Corona Virus, and life as we know it seems to have changed. And the same can be said for Dentistry.

The procedures remain exactly the same, the difference lies in the way we now practice those procedures. You will see us adorned with additional PPE’s (Personal Protective Equipment). Your appointments may be scheduled for a shorter duration and you may find that dental appointments are moving to an online platform. These are but a few changes that will be implemented over the coming weeks and months. All in an effort to protect yourself and the Dental team, against this unseen enemy we call Corona Virus.

We are not exactly the front-liners, but we certainly are in the hot zone, ‘the devils lair’ if you would prefer. The risk of transmission is a daily concern and we will endeavor to abide by the strictest of Infection Control Regimes. We will ensure the safety of all individuals in providing you with the Dental Treatment required.

At present, under Level 3 Lock down, we are attending to all Dental Procedures. All while trying to minimize the production of Aerosols. Rest assured, measures are in place to mitigate against the spread of infection. One aspect of this is the Covid-19 pre-screening. Any patient with the following symptoms of Fever(more than 38 degrees Celsius), persistent cough, generalized body pain, loss of taste or smell, and who has been in contact with a Covid-19 positive individual are kindly required to contact the practice prior to their appointments. No walk-in appointments will the taken unless under extreme circumstances. All appointments are to be scheduled either telephonically or via the online platform. Patients must attend their appointments alone. Minors are required the attend with a single parent. Patients requiring ambulatory assistance may be accompanied by a carer. As we stagger down the levels 2 and 1 these protocols with stay in effect and we will continue practicing the full spectrum of dental procedures.
Societal “norms” have changed, and we as Dentists have ushered in these changes with optimism and hope. We will endure, we will survive and we will strive to provide the high standards of care you have become accustomed to receiving from the Dental fraternity, and this practice.

Take care, stay safe and stay strong.

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