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Lucille Green

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“I would never consider seeing anybody else for my dental treatments.

Nobody makes me feel as comfortable, relaxed, safe, and taken care-of as Dr Singh.

I suffer from severe anxiety and Dr Singh’s’ warm and comforting personality makes me feel at ease, and his precise and careful dentistry never leaves me in pain or worry.

He runs an efficient and hygienic office, and it’s always a pleasure seeing him.

I’m so thankful that I found someone like Dr Singh to take care of my teeth!

Due to a childhood of bad experience’s I was very anxious about attending the dentist but 4 years ago I found Dr Singh and I have changed my perception and now I  no longer cry at the thought of having work done, my panic attacks don’t happen at the sight of a needle and I don’t even have shaky knee’s upon arrival!

Due to my poor attendance to the Dentist in the past I had much work that needed to be done and if it were not for Dr. Singh I doubt I would have gone through all the appointments that I needed.

My husband is a patient as well and as we are both from the “old school” thought of “if it’s not sore don’t go to the dentist” we left things a bit long but when I first started seeing Dr Singh I realised this was not how things should be done! Now with Dr Singh we go for our check-ups and with his friendly reminder service I don’t even have to make a note anymore!

I highly recommend Dr Singh to anyone who is seeking professional, hygienic and friendly service!”

You rock Dr Singh!!!

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