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Phone: 021 674 7503
Emergency Number: 076 517 2521

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Motheo Moleko

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“I’ve been to Dr. Singh for the better part of a year across multiple appointments and through a range of procedures. His dentistry – the actual practical side of his work – is unquestionable. Incredibly skilled, thorough, precise, and he takes the time to explain why he’d advise on certain procedures over others while always giving you, the patient, the range of options available to you. Yet it’s his ‘chair-side’ manner that pushes things over the edge for me. He’s smart, attentive, and witty, and if you’ve spent as many hours in the chair as I have, it’s something you come to appreciate. I imagine it’s very reassuring for people who fear dentistry too.

A final note is that while his methods and equipment are modern and well-cared for, the practice itself is styled as a family care dentistry and, by extension, less pretentious than other comparable practices. Whether that is to your liking depends on personal taste, for sure, but rather a warm welcoming space than a clinical cold one for me.”

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