Practice No. 025 8350
Phone: 021 674 7503
Emergency Number: 076 517 2521

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Mrs M.V. Röntsch

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“As a middle-aged person with genetically weak teeth that require constant repair and care I can recommend Dr Singh as a dentist. Drawn, in the first instance, to his practice by the fact that he is appropriately qualified by a dental school with a longstanding record of producing excellent graduates, he has also shown the ability to assess and execute a diverse range of dental and prosthodontic repairs that have been presented to him at every single appointment.

His practice appears modern with all the latest equipment, and needless to say his rooms are spotless.  He is able to make procedures pain free and stress free, not only through his acquired skills but also through a sympathetic and flexible approach to his patients’ physiological and psychological needs. His dental assistant, too, adds to a sense of being in capable, kind hands.

In addition to all of the above, his practice is centrally located in lower Claremont, provides parking – although he is in walking distance to a great many households in the area – and his receptionist will send you an sms to remind you of your appointment 24 hours in advance”.

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